Rooted cuisine.

Our food is, first of all, catalan traditional. Nevertheless, we don't turn our backs on modernity.
Our best dishes will always be those which have been cooked for generations.

Home bred lambs.

Avi Darnaculleta takes care of the flock that provides us with lambs. We choose all the meat that we don't grow ourselves with the same attention.
You can count on it, it will be fresh and tender.

Star dishes: Onion Soup.

Make a stock and pour it into bowls. Add sliced onions, a slice of bread and grated cheese. Grill it and you're done.

Star dishes: Roast Lamb Shoulder.

Roast lamb has no other secret than good meat. Once marinated with herbs, prevent it from getting dry covering it in the oven with tin foil. Add potatoes and onions after a bit, salt and pepper, rested and ready to eat.

Dining areas

Interiors. Privacy and comfort.

Discreetly elegant, our dining rooms are designed to make you feel at home, or better. We are sure you will find your spot.

Corners. Great Hall. Ready for anything.

If you're looking for a quiet meal, or you're looking for a rumble with your friends, we have what you need.

In summer, enjoy our garden.

We take it all out to make you feel comfortable..

And we have a lovely terrace too.

Outdoor places for every sort of moment.


At Mas Pi you can enjoy our rostisseria, open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 to 15:00.

Place your order via whatsapp or phone 972 780 612 or 655 835 816.

📍List of prices and products:


Pollastre 11,50€
1/2 pollastre 6€
1/4 pollastre amb patates 5,50€
Canelons 5,80€
Croquetes 1€ unitat
Patates braves 2,80€
Patates fregides 2€
Amanida del dia 4,50€
All i oli 1€
Patata caliu 1,5€
Botifarra 2,5€
Arròs negre 10,50€
Arròs de peix 10,50€
Fideuà 9,50€
Cargols amb all i oli i tomata 7,50€
Macarrons 3,80€
Aigua 1/2 1,20€
Coca cola 1,50€
Cervesa 2€
Vi Dinarells blanc o negre 5,60€
Vi Clos primat blanc o negre 5,60€


Weekends 100% and Express Art