No hem trobat allò que cercaves.


Do not wait and he enjoys us when your you come. We have several cozy environments, terrace with tent, deprived or in case of having a special request, communicate it to us..

Daily Menu

Our menu of 11,90 € several depending on the day. We bet for serving a healthy menu, of km 0 and Mediterranean. Only in weekdays.

Weekend menu

On Thursday, Santo, you can not miss visiting Verges with the Procession and the Dance of Death. At dinner time in Mas Pi we have prepared a very special and complete menu for you and yours. You can book at 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

Breakfasts with fork

Discover the authentic breakfast to give you a lot of energy along the day.

Mas Pi Art

Mas Pi is a modal of culture, we promote the art with temporary exhibitions that modify the environment whenever you visit us. Exhibitions comisariated for Jordi Bofill

Acoustic friday, saturday DJ

On having had license of musical bar we can offer you every Saturday live music. A basic inducement to be able to stimulate musicians of the zone and with projection and make yourselves spend a good moment.


If you want to receive monthly a bulletin with all the concerts, innovations of letter or special events. We promise not to send many:)

Your Comfort / Accessibility

We have 7 different spaces where it will be able to enjoy the farmhouse of the 16th century. In summers epochs we open our terrace with garden where a majestic diner will give you the only environment.

Lately on ...

Tapes gratuites per tothom! Als nostres concerts de Juliol i Agost de cada dissabte a la 13:00h. De regal amb el teu vermut!

20 Jul @ 09:30

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Bikimel: Avui a partir de la 13:00h a Mas Pi. Nomès faltes tu!

20 Jul @ 07:00

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Descobreix el nostre menú per aquest cap de setmana que inclou primers, segons i postres per nomès 21,50€

19 Jul @ 20:25

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Aquesta tarda de Divendres tindrem a Oscar Tuca en "acció" a Mas Pi. Vine a veure els seus treballs de mes a prop. T'esperem a partir de les 20:00h.

19 Jul @ 11:14