Live Music

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Every Friday of the year, after dinner.

Disc Jockeys

Every Saturday

Dedicated DJ's that play what's best of the new, the classic and the excentric.

Mas Pi, meeting point.

We are at the crossing and you can tell. We try to bring in new ideas and we offer the space for much more than eating, drinking and dancing, in spite of loving all three things.


We make a reduced range of cocktails and mixed drinks, but we want them to be the best. 

When it gets dark.

Mas Pi mutates. Like worms into butterflies. Or maybe like tadpoles into toads expecting a final mutation. Be as it may, we maintain our hallmarks: Disc Jockeys and live music..

Live Music.

Since we started in 2000 the concerts have been an inalienable part of our lives.
While musicians and audience continue finding each other and the authorities allow it
It's a tradition and you can count on it, every thursday live music at Mas Pi.

Coming soon...

Aug 26


Vermuts Musicals Albert Llovet

El pianista gironí Albert Llovet ens ofereix una viva demostració de la tècnica Stride. El seu repertori és un repàs als diferents estils pianístics que conformen el passat de la història del Jazz.


Sep 10


Vermuts Musicals "The Best of"

Tres músics en escena amb una amplia trajectoria musical formen THE BEST OF, interpreten els èxits dels artistes que més els hi han influenciat com The Police, Bryan Adams, Steve Wonder, 10CC, i també versionant [···]



Tea time.

Most of the time we are not leading a rock'n'roll sort of live, and Mas Pi is a cosy enough place to sit down, have a cup of tea and chat a bit. We have a good selection of teas and everything the ceremony demands.

Mas Pi Art. Walls talk.

We permanently exhibit the works Enric Puigsegur curates for us.
Check out our facebook page to know which exhibition you'll find on our walls.

Le Piano


It seems pedantic to talk about only because Lluis Llach played it, but the fact is he did not only play it, he composed in it l'estaca, and that's something.

It was all long time ago, when deodorants where needless, the dream –and reality– of many young people was to live in a comune and the Seat Fuego used to draw whistles of admiration amongst those who weren't in the comune.

And it was in this context that the first notes of l'estaca came out of our piano. And the song doesn't have many notes, so the merit is remarkable.


Listen to it once in a while, and if tears don't come to your eyes ask yourselves why.
We would like to have with us every day characters of such talent and impact as Lluis Llach, and that's why we value so much having a portion of his past with us.

And if you want to come and play it in the original piano, we will never stop you. And if you compose in it a tunt that trespasses generations still in full actuality and emotion we wiil be grateful for decades.

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Aquest dissabte fem el vermut a ritme de Jazz amb l'Albert Llovet, serà "lo más"!!


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De dilluns a divendres sempre teniu un menú 10 per 11€!


Menú del
Dimarts, 22 d’agost 2017

Ensaladilla russa
Sopa de meló
Amanida amb poma i salsa de iogurt
Cargols de la iaia Maruja+Supl.3,50€
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22 Aug @ 10:16

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Aquest diumenge serà molt especial doncs tindrem la oportunitat de poder veure i sentir l'experiència d'en Lluís, la Nekane i la Laura amb el projecte que es desenvolupa a Palmarin ( Senegal ) a More/Less

22 Aug @ 09:38